"In the past, I’ve worked with head hunters, staffing companies, and participated in recruiting events. I thought I knew how staffing worked…until I was contacted by Scout. They put an innovative emphasis on “fit” and personality while still maintaining a high standard of technical abilities that assures any placement will be a perfect match. I had a hard time shaking the “this is too good to be true” and “where’s the catch?” feeling though the entire process… but there were none. They are genuinely that friendly, encouraging, and excited about you and your opportunities. There was no push to place or salesmen-like pressure that some staffing and recruiting companies convey. They sincerely feel like friends, helping open doors for you and where you want to go in your career. I couldn’t be more thrilled with the outcome, and look forward to a long relationship with the Scout family!"

- Megan Johnson, Controller
Concept Technology, Inc.

My experience with staffing agencies, albeit only a little, is that it's easy for employment services to recommend candidates with strictly the required technical skills. Scout Staffing differs from all of these agencies. What Scout Staffing did for me and my team was they found candidates that were a corporate cultural fit. I don't believe I can emphasize enough the how the "culture fit" of a candidate can make or break the long term value of the employee. Scout Staffing nailed it. I know I would have been very pleased with any of the rock-star candidates recommended from the team at Scout Staffing! The impact they had with our new hire and company was fantastic!

- Hollis Halford, President
The Halford Company

"I have worked with a number of other staffing companies since moving to Nashville several years ago and Scout Staffing was by far the greatest experience I've had. While other staffing companies seem to take a passive role in finding the best fit, Scout Staffing went out of their way to understand my career development goals and find a perfect fit. The team was professional, friendly, and most importantly they listened. I truly feel that I have found my dream job! Thank you Lauren and Rachel for helping me find such amazing opportunity."

- Marcus Perry, Technical Support Engineer
Big Machine Label Group

"When I met with Scout, they weren’t just trying to figure out where I’d be a good fit on paper. The Scout team listened to where I wanted to see my career go, what directions I wished to take and then presented an opportunity that matched my passion. They placed me in a position that challenges me and allows me to grow. They did this by listening to what I want to do long-term and not just what my skills could have done long-term. Their follow up and support since placing me with my new position has been encouraging and uplifting.  I’m so thankful for the team at Scout!"

- Lizzie Laster, Marketing Coordinator
Concept Technology, Inc.

"We were really happy with our experience working with Scout!  They did a phenomenal job understanding our culture here at Mission and finding a candidate that not only has the perfect skill set for the job we were hiring for, but also fits really well with the energy level and attitude we were looking for!  I especially appreciated their assessment of characteristics and how much that plays a role in finding the perfect fit.  It truly was a fun experience that took the burden off an otherwise not enjoyable, tedious task of finding a new employee.  We would definitely recommend Scout Staffing and plan on using them again when the need arises!"

- John Mark Hulsey, General Manager
Mission Stone & Tile

"When our firm's growth brought the need for a full-time internal IT professional, we knew we could rely on James and our trusted friends at Concept Technology for the best recommendations for candidates with the skills and knowledge to fit our needs. Scout Staffing and Concept exceeded our expectations and our new Technical Systems Analyst has already proven to be a valuable asset to our firm. We would certainly recommend Scout Staffing and will partner with them for future needs."

- Grant Smothers, CFO
Cumberland Consulting Group

"I'm not going to lie, when I first got the call from Scout, I wasn't super thrilled about working with another 'head hunting' agency. I knew the drill. I was probably going to talk to someone that had no idea what I did every day and they were basically going to do a Google search of "IT jobs in Nashville" then throw me the results. They were going to flood me with job openings I really didn't care about and that wouldn't pay the bills. I was wrong. Every interaction that I had with Scout was calculated. They kept me informed of what they were doing and they knew where I would fit best. I did not feel like I was being pawned off or pitched to companies. Instead, I felt like I had a team in my corner personally curating the best opportunity for me and advocating on my behalf. This is a crew of true professionals."

- Ben Tennant, Field Engineer
Concept Technology, Inc.

"Scout Staffing makes a sometimes uncomfortable and challenging experience of finding a new career a pleasant and successful one. Julie and her staff were very helpful. They made certain that the career I was after was well suited to my personality and business style. After experiencing Scout staffing I would highly recommend them to anyone looking to embark on new career search."

- Nick Green, Architectural Products Sales Consultant
Mission Stone & Tile

"When you work with Scout Staffing you are worked with, as opposed to worked for, in your process of finding new opportunities. They treated me with an individual plan that allowed me to find the perfect position to move my career forward. They helped me the entire way; from the initial job search, all the way through my first day on the job. I can't recommend their service or their team members enough!"

- Garrett Green, Online Marketing Strategist
Mission Stone & Tile

"I just wanted to take a minute and thank Julie for introducing us to Tim.  I can tell he will be a valuable addition to our team. Julie and Rachel were wonderful to work with. The whole process was handled very professionally; great communication along with thorough follow-through. I look forward to working with Scout Staffing in the future."

- Randy Mann, Partner
ACT Security

"The caliber of talent that Scout Staffing found for us was very impressive. We've worked with outside recruiters in the past with mixed results, but with Scout's unique approach to IT recruiting and screening we were consistently presented with top talent, even for the hard-to-fill positions. We have worked with Scout to fill multiple positions and I am expecting great things from all of our hires. Their contributions will accelerate our ability to solve business problems and develop operational excellence."

- Darin Mayer, CIO

"Scout Staffing is everything that you want in a business partner. They are easy to work with, prompt in their response, diligent and hard workers on EnableComp’s behalf. We hired Scout to find us a network engineer, and the applicants Scout presented us with had diverse skill sets and salary requirements. We couldn’t be more pleased with the drive and well-rounded background of our new hire."

- David Jones, President

"After being in a comfortable, yet stagnant position for seven years, I decided it was time to step into the job market. Within a week of searching, Scout Staffing contacted me about a position that seemed to be a perfect fit. I realized very quickly that Scout was not a run-of-the-mill staffing company. Not only was my technical knowledge tested, but I was also given a personality test to help facilitate a seamless integration into the new company. In the end, James and his team did a superb job and I couldn’t be happier in my new position! My experience with Scout's unique approach to talent discovery and personality matching have ensured that they will be my first stop when I'm ready to hire."

- Jason Heath, Senior Network Engineer

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